Video: P.K. Subban touches down in ‘Smashville,’ hits the stage to perform Johnny Cash tune


More developments in the P.K. Subban trade.

While most stories related to that blockbuster deal — Subban to Nashville, with Shea Weber going back to Montreal in return — have been highly controversial, the latest follows Subban as he tours Music City, where, fittingly, he hits the stage to perform a cover of Johnny Cash’s ‘Folsom Prison Blues.’

Subban was immensely popular in Montreal — “The connection I have with the fanbase and community here is unspeakable, really,” he said in a recent interview with Sportsnet — but admitted in the aftermath of the trade that, “This is a business. We can’t forget that.”

Still, he brings an exciting dynamic to the game of hockey, both on and off the ice.

“I’m a general manager, but someday, I would like to be a fan, and this is a guy that I would pay money to see,” Predators GM David Poile told the Tennessean. “He’s exciting to watch. He does something every game. He competes every game. He shows up every game. I think it is going to be dynamic.”


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