Blackhawks president says Patrick Kane is in ‘a good place right now’


Blackhawks president John McDonough believes that Patrick Kane is “in such a good place right now,” and he doesn’t just mean Chicago.

In a candid interview with the Chicago Tribune, the Blackhawks executive opened up about a 2015-16 season that he believes might have been the most difficult of his career.

As much as falling in the first round to the St. Louis Blues constitutes a “culture shock” for McDonough, the sexual assault allegations Kane faced must have factored into that tough year, even if charges weren’t pursued and the NHL considers the “matter closed.”

McDonough told the Chicago Tribune that Kane is training in Chicago instead of Buffalo by his own choice, and he seems confident that the winger is trending in the right direction.

” … I want him to succeed and not just on the ice,” McDonough said. “He’s in such a good place right now. He looks great, looks clear and healthy. I think he has good relationships and is on a good path.”

(Apparently he’s also slated to move out of Trump Tower into a single-family home, so do with that what you will.)

As of late, the focus has been on Kane’s award-winning regular season and the on-ice chemistry he’s developed with Artemi Panarin.

McDonough touches on plenty of other interesting questions in that Chicago Tribune interview, including the difficult choice to trade Andrew Shaw, so give it a read.