Game on! Toronto lifts ban on street hockey

Getty Images

Here’s a Canadian cliche: Kids playing street hockey with their friends, dreaming of scoring that Stanley Cup-winning goal.

So it’s interesting to note that in Toronto, Canada’s largest city and home to the Maple Leafs, there was actually a ban on playing street hockey. According to multiple reports, there was a $55 fine but the previous rules weren’t regularly enforced.

However, on Friday, Toronto Mayor John Tory announced via Twitter that city council has finally lifted the ban on street hockey.

More from the Toronto Star:

Nets will now be allowed on the road as long as they don’t block driveways or impede sightlines for cars and pedestrians. They must also not block the city’s ability to clean the road of snow and litter. Nets must be taken off the road when play is done.

Dealing with staff concerns over safety and liability to the city, Carmichael Greb’s successful motion says those participating or permitting play of road hockey and basketball games “are responsible for determining what locations are safe and for playing in a safe manner and agree that they are assuming any and all liability to persons and all risks to themselves or children under their care.”