Former Habs analytics consultant: ‘I made a passionate case in favour of P.K. Subban’

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Former Montreal Canadiens analytics consultant Matt Pfeffer has now had his say on the controversial trade that saw the Habs deal defenseman P.K. Subban to the Nashville Predators for Shea Weber.

It was reported on Wednesday that the Habs didn’t renew Pfeffer’s contract, after he made an “impassioned” presentation to management in favor of not trading Subban.

Following that report from Eric Engels of Sportsnet, Pfeffer released a statement Thursday, saying the Habs “treated me with the utmost respect” and are a “world class organization.” But he also confirmed making the case to keep Subban in Montreal and that management didn’t see eye to eye with him on this matter.

Here’s part of the statement, as per Sportsnet:

“Prior to the trade, I submitted a report comparing both players. I made a passionate case in favour of P.K. Subban.

“There was never a meeting with management.

“Ultimately, this is the nature of this kind of work. Management makes their decision based on a variety of criteria. Their evaluation may have been different in this case, but there was consensus on other decisions through my time with the team.”

This is just the latest development in what will likely be an ongoing saga, following the blockbuster deal more than two weeks ago at the end of last month. (Remember, it’s been suggested this could be the worst trade in franchise history.)


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