Bergevin’s moves — including the Subban trade — have been ‘100 percent supported’ by Habs owner


In the wake of one of most controversial trades in franchise history, the owner of the Montreal Canadiens is standing behind his general manager.

“Marc Bergevin, he works to make our team better, and I think all of the work he has done this spring to improve our team has been 100 percent supported by me,” Geoff Molson said yesterday, per “And that’s what I pay him for, is to make our team better, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the evolved team on the ice and I think our fans are going to really appreciate the improvements.”

Molson was, of course, talking about the P.K. Subban for Shea Weber trade with Nashville. The move has not been particularly well-received by the fan base, but the Habs have insisted that they’re better today with Weber.

“He’s won two Olympic gold medals and he’s a guy who, like Carey Price, has a presence that right away brings credibility to your team,” Bergevin told “He’ll be a great complement to our captain, Max Pacioretty, and to our leadership group. Shea’s a big man and he’s hard to play against. If you’re lined up against Shea Weber, nothing’s going to come easy. To me, that’s something that we missed last season.”

Bergevin had better hope he’s right about that. Because if he’s wrong, it’s going to be very tough for the fans to forgive him, and for the owner to keep supporting him.

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