Losers of the 2016 NHL Draft


It’s tough to declare winners and losers without handy, objective things like “scoreboards.”

But hey, it can also be a fun exercise, especially when we keep in mind that these choices could end up looking foolish … maybe in a short period of time.

So, big disclaimer: losers and winners can change sides when it comes to handing out draft grades. Sometimes they can change spots multiple times.

For PHT’s stab at a winners list, click here. Now let’s ponder who had a rough weekend.

Note: These “grades’ are heavily influenced by trades and other factors beyond mere picks.


Jim Benning

Another year, another round of Benning and the Vancouver Canucks taking a beating in social media during draft time.

In this case, Benning will likely face discipline for tampering related to comments made about Steven Stamkos and P.K. Subban. Specifically, he angered Habs GM Marc Bergevin, who believes Benning crossed the line.

It’s the sort of thing that leaves you making funny faces.

People who make fun of Benning might be winners.


Boston still hasn’t acquired the “transitional” defenseman it craves. That part could definitely change, especially with the market allegedly softening up.

Even so, people still believe that the B’s are prone to reaching for picks, as many accused management of doing in 2015.


Maybe an off year, maybe not?

Czech and Slovak systems

Maybe an off year, maybe not?

Jakob Chychrun

This year’s Aaron Rodgers/Cam Fowler, Chychrun slid to the Arizona Coyotes at 16th overall. At one point, he seemed to have top-five potential. Instead, he was the fifth defenseman picked in the draft.


They didn’t manage to get a whole lot for Brian Elliott and Kevin Shattenkirk seems a little surprised to still be in the organization.

Not a disaster, but this is a big off-season for the Blues. Seems like they stumbled a bit out of the gate, at least as of this writing.


Ultimately, we’ll have a better idea about who won and lost in months and then years.