P.K. Subban trade rumors are going pretty wild right now


Prepare your grains of salt, rumor fans: there are a lot of murmurs about teams trying to trade for P.K. Subban, with the Edmonton Oilers being mentioned most often in the latest wave of speculation.

The Edmonton Journal is really revving up the talk, in part because Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin maybe hasn’t stomped out rumors emphatically enough?

Again, Bergevin could have come right out and said Subban is untouchable because he’s a No. 1 defenceman and there are so few of them, but the GM hasn’t done that. So the door is open, at least a crack, for the Oilers to keep trying to acquire the former Norris Trophy winner.

That’s not the only place where the argument seems to be that “the silence is deafening.”

TSN’s Bob McKenzie and Pierre LeBrun go into detail about Subban rumors in Insider Trading, noting that possible deals with high draft picks kick up the intensity of talks even more.

This isn’t just about generating rumors around draft time. Subban’s no-trade clause kicks in on July 1, so if teams want to make a push for P.K., this is indeed the moment to do so.

As usual, hypothetical trades are being thrown around, too:

Blame it on the rabid hockey market or any other number of factors, but things often seem a little weird with P.K. in Montreal. Even his massive charitable donations seem to birth some strange moments.

The Oilers really climbed up the rumor mill ranks, yet other trade-hungry teams have been mentioned too.

It’s tough to believe that the Habs would actually move P.K., and it sounds like Bergevin will shed some light on the situation in short order:

Let’s be clear: it’s very hard to believe that the Canadiens would trade Subban. These rumblings only add credence to the feeling that this could be an awfully interesting off-season and that draft weekend could continue to provide fascinating fodder.

Hey, Evgeni Malkin‘s name was out there – only for the Penguins to flatly deny rumors – so it’s an odd time. At least this isn’t boring …

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