Sharks rave about Martin Jones’ poise: ‘He doesn’t flinch’


In a violent, high-speed sport like hockey, keeping your cool is easier said than done.

Even so, a calm demeanor is usually a nice asset for a goalie. A netminder’s state of mind often best compares to an NFL cornerback: there’s value in learning how to forget that last setback.

Sports Illustrated ran a great piece on Friday in which the San Jose Sharks praised Jones’ grace under fire.

“He doesn’t flinch,” Justin Braun said. “He doesn’t go after guys, he doesn’t lose his cool. He’s always tapping us on the pads, saying we did a good job, and usually he’s bailing us out.”

Jones certainly bailed the Sharks out against the Pittsburgh Penguins early and often in Game 5:

Chris Tierney goes as far as to say “You could probably have someone run him right over and he’d be fine.”

While many fixate on the two goalies’ relative lack of experience, perhaps the 2016 Stanley Cup Final’s two starters are bonded by having “ice water in their veins.” It’s true that Matt Murray had a rough night on Thursday, yet his Penguins teammates also praise his “calming influence.”

Now, this isn’t to say that Jones lacks fire, mind you. Instead, his teammates are merely tipping their caps at him for keeping those flames under control.