Steelers safety Ross Ventrone goes extra mile to motivate Penguins

The hype machine for the 2016 Stanley Cup Final keeps revving up. You might even say it’s on wheels.

OK, so maybe Pittsburgh Steelers safety Ross Ventrone was the one on wheels, as you can see from the profoundly entertaining video above, which includes the wild-haired NFL player rocking a Herb Brooks impression.

(If you’re docking him points for delivery, note that he’s doing the speech on rollerblades.)

It’s pretty great stuff, to be honest. That said, we need more “legs feed the wolf” references from our Brooks impressions.

To review, the Penguins are pitting Antonio Brown and Ventrone vs. Marshawn “Beast Mode” Lynch and Metallica.

Actually, there’s also Shawn Michaels, Kristi Yamaguchi and countless others …

In case you missed it, let’s go from the amusing inspirational story to the feel-good one:

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