Results, amusing photos and more from the 2016 NHL Draft Combine

via Winnipeg Jets

Being photographed at the height of physical exertion is pretty awkward.

You know what time is best for getting a funny photo of an athlete? Probably at the height of physical exertion.

The 2016 NHL Draft Scouting Combine wrapped up this weekend, and with that, we got a bevvy of results that test a very specific set of physical skills (pull-ups!). You can look up the top guys in a handful of tests with the league’s list here.

That’s an awful lot of arduous work, though, so here’s a smattering of interesting tidbits and the occasional awkward photo.

The Sabres hosted the combine, so it’s not a huge surprise that they collected some great stuff.

Here’s the most pertinent bit for those eyeing the draft, particularly if you’re eyeing a pick below No. 1 (at least if you’re assuming Auston Matthews is going to Toronto).

This year, Jakob Chychrun, ranked as the top North American defenseman by NHL CSS, placed in the top 10 on four tests. Fellow defenseman Logan Stanley finished atop the Wingate bike test with a time of 12:30 while goalie Carter Hart topped the VO2max.


The combine also includes interviews, which involves maybe some important questions but also … people asking a Russian prospect how often he shaves?

Your latest bit of evidence that goalies aren’t just becoming larger … they’re also progressing as all-around athletes.

Keep in mind certain athletes didn’t participate or did not participate fully.

As you would expect, plenty of eyes were on Matthews.

Excellently named prospect Sam Steel enjoyed himself.

The Jets provide a gallery of Combine photos for your future Photoshopping needs.

Ah, the Combine. How much of a difference does it make when it comes to drafting better players? It’s difficult to say, but for now, we have aerobic tests and funny faces.


The Sabres hope to keep the Combine in Buffalo

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