HBK Line makes sweet music, Penguins carry 1-0 lead into third


The HBK Line isn’t losing its smile.

The Pittsburgh Penguins and San Jose Sharks were locked in a stalemate for a good chunk of Game 2, but the home team finally broke the ice with a 1-0 goal during the second period.

Roman Polak‘s mistake and the deadly combination of Carl Hagelin, Nick Bonino and Phil Kessel made that first tally happen for Pittsburgh.

Bonino deserves a big chunk of the credit while Kessel tapped the puck in for his 10th goal of this postseason.

This 1-0 score might make you think that it’s been a slog, but that’s hardly been the case. Instead, the score’s currently low because of a combination of close calls and nice saves.

Just ask Tomas Hertl.

While the Penguins haven’t dominated to the same degree in Game 2 as they did to start Game 1, they’re still giving the Sharks fits with their speed and really dominating the shots on goal category.

So far, the Pens are carrying chunks of play, but there’s still plenty of time in this contest for twists and turns.

Update: Pittsburgh drove play in a big way to finish the middle frame.

Still, the Sharks are very much in the game since the third period will begin with just a 1-0 margin.