Video: Bryan Rust is having a run to remember for Penguins

The great thing about the Stanley Cup Playoffs is that, as much as it’s all about big names, we often see under-the-radar guys play the role of stars.

It almost feels like it happens every year, and sometimes with more than one team.

In the case of this postseason, you won’t find a much better example of an out-of-nowhere star than Pittsburgh Penguins forward Bryan Rust. That’s been especially true during the last handful of games, as Rust is scoring big goal after big goal.

You can be forgiven for not seeing it coming. Rust likely didn’t even envision catching fire like this.

It’s possible that Rust might be a little less than 100 percent after that controversial hit by Patrick Marleau, yet he’s really starting to develop a legacy for beating the odds. Betting against him might not be a good move, at least with the postseason he’s enjoying.

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