Murray says Stralman shot didn’t go through glove, questions Internet’s credibility


Perhaps you saw Hockey Twitter’s version of the Zapruder film last night, when Anton Stralman‘s backhand goal on Matt Murray was analyzed and dissected to the nth degree, as people tried to figure out if the puck actually went through Murray’s glove.

See here. And here. And here.

Today, Murray responded, slamming those conspiracy theories and the world wide web’s factual integrity in one fell swoop:

(Believe everything you see on PHT, though. We’re the truth.)

Murray’s remarks came just hours after the Penguins attempted to scuttle the hole-in-glove theory themselves, tweeting out an alternate replay angle that shows Stralman’s shot went off the tip of Murray’s catcher, not through it.

That and Murray’s remarks should put an end to the conversation.

You’d hope.

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