Bumps and bruises for Blues in tough second period


The St. Louis Blues are having a rough time so far in Game 2.

Getting generally out-played by the San Jose Sharks has been bad enough through two periods, with San Jose going up 2-0 (thanks in part to Troy Brouwer getting a ton of the post late in the middle frame).

It’s also been a painful start in a more literal way.

During the first period, Alexander Steen seemed to be in a bad way after this knee-to-knee collision:

In the second, Patrik Berglund caught his hip/torso in the bench in an awkward way.

The best bits of news for the Blues:

A) They have time to come back.

B) Even if they fail to do so, it’s just one game.

C) Both Steen and Berglund seemed to shake off whatever issues they were caused. At least as of this writing.