DeBoer doesn’t think fatigue will be an edge for Sharks vs. Blues


Two games might not seem like much, but really, it’s all about what happens during those two games.

A blocked shot can lead to a “lower-body injury.” Someone could “turn into a hit at the last minute” and so on. Of course, two games could really just mean several extra shifts … and maybe opportunities to build up that extra confidence.

So far during the postseason, the St. Louis Blues went the distance with two full seven-game series. The San Jose Sharks were pushed to a Game 7 against the Nashville Predators, yet they dispatched the Los Angeles Kings in five.

With that in mind, does Sharks head coach Peter DeBoer think that fatigue could play to San Jose’s advantage?

“That’s a good question,” DeBoer said. “As the series goes on, maybe. I don’t think it’s an advantage early. Pretty limited travel through the first two rounds.”

“I think even though they’ve gone seven games, they’re healthy. I don’t anticipate us having an advantage. We’ll see as the series goes on whether it catches up.”

That’s the thing … as far as we know, the Blues are healthy.

That’s a funny turn, too, considering how injury-ravaged St. Louis was during the regular season. (The Sharks can sort of relate now that they have Logan Couture at full-strength.)

If you’re looking for big prognostications, don’t go to DeBoer. He doesn’t think that home-ice advantage will be much of a factor, either.

… Unless it is.