Blues’ success makes Blue Jackets’ execs feel good about their blueprint


Many prominent members of the Columbus Blue Jackets once called a lot of shots in St. Louis, so it makes sense that the Blues’ success can be heartening.

(Especially when Blue Jackets staffers probably want to talk about anything other than the enormous disappointment that was the 2015-16 season.)

Team president John Davidson and GM Jarmo Kekalainen discussed the bittersweet feelings that come with seeing the Blues go deep – oh yeah, and also the Blue Jackets’ past season – with the Columbus Dispatch.

“I’m proud of what we did in St. Louis,” Davidson said. “I’m a Blue Jacket now, without question. But it makes me feel good, and Jarmo is the same way … we feel stronger about what we’re doing here, because you see what’s happening there.

“They have had their trials and tribulations in St. Louis. But they have been a really good team for a number of years, and just look at them now.”

You can practically read his mind: He hopes that, soon enough, they’ll say “look at us now.”

Success in sports can be funny, but it must be especially odd for general managers. Sometimes you lay down many of the roots for success, yet someone else might get to take greater advantage of the harvest.

The hope, of course, is that you can pull it off again.

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