Here are PHT’s conference final predictions


Twelve series down, just three to go.

Unlike the first round, the second round was mostly successful for PHT’s prognosticators. Nobody went below .500, even the virtual coin. All the humans picked the Blues over the Stars, and everyone including the virtual coin had the Sharks over the Predators. Also, props to O’Brien, who nailed “Penguins in six” on the nose.

Of course, we shouldn’t pat ourselves too hard on the back, because with the elimination of the Washington Capitals, nobody’s Stanley Cup pick is still alive. While it’s true that Halford picked the Lightning in the preseason, he changed his mind to the Blackhawks before the playoffs. So that was a good call.

Second-round results (Overall record)

Brough: 3-1 (8-4)
Halford: 3-1 (7-5)
O’Brien: 3-1 (8-4)
Dadoun: 2-2 (5-7)
Tucker: 3-1 (8-4)
Alfieri: 3-1 (7-5)
Just Flip A Coin: 2-2 (5-7)

On to the conference finals….

Pittsburgh Penguins versus Tampa Bay Lightning

Brough: Penguins in 7
Halford: Penguins in 7
O’Brien: Penguins in 7
Dadoun: Penguins in 7
Tucker: Penguins in 6
Alfieri: Penguins in 6
Just Flip A Coin: Penguins

(Prove us wrong, Bolts!)

St. Louis Blues versus San Jose Sharks

Brough: Sharks in 6*
Halford: Blues in 7
O’Brien: Sharks in 6
Dadoun: Blues in 7
Tucker: Sharks in 7
Alfieri: Sharks in 7
Just Flip A Coin: Blues

*This was a tough call, since I picked the Blues to make the final in the preseason. I feel in a way like I’m abandoning them, but at the same time I’m excited for my new life with the Sharks.