Just for Men: Jaromir Jagr

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After years of seeing the guy take an inordinate amount of blame when his teams didn’t succeed, it’s a delight that Jaromir Jagr is in that Teemu Selanne stage where virtually everyone loves him.

It’s even gotten to the point where he’s acknowledging all the jokes about his mulleted prime.

(Almost to the degree that it’s less fun to make those jokes, honestly.)

Anyway, as great as Jagr’s mullet can be, that business in the front and party in the back often distracts from the legendary winger’s questionable facial hair choices.

As you can see in this post’s main image, Jagr took some time to ease into life as a possible “Wolverine” casting option.

Remember that weird strip on his chin from his New York Rangers days?

Yes, there have been some questionable beard-related decisions, yet it’s easy to forget that these are the pitfalls that come with a player being in the public eye for so long. And really, it’s all been a treat. Thanks Yags.