Dan Boyle says he got an ‘overwhelmingly positive’ response to ripping reporters


At Rangers’ clear-out day last week, veteran d-man Dan Boyle made quite the spectacle, demanding that the New York Post’s Larry Brooks and Brett Cyrgalis — who, unbeknownst to Boyle, wasn’t actually there — leave his interview scrum in a profanity-laced tirade.

Now, Boyle is addressing the incident.

There’s no apology coming for Brooks and/or Cyrgalis and, what’s more, Boyle insists players across the league are thanking him for doing what he did.

Some excerpts from Boyle’s Sunday appearance on SportsTalkNY.

(H/T to Yahoo for the transcript):

“Thank god for unlimited texting, because my phone has blown up in the last few days … and it’s been overwhelmingly positive in my favor.

“To rewind a little bit, of course Larry and Brett – or whatever – and there’s probably one more guy in there … I think over the course of the two years that I’ve been here I’ve never seen such negative covering of the game and negative destruction of individuals. So yes, I was upset about some of the stuff that was said about me, but more importantly, I felt like I needed to be a voice for my teammates.”

“And I can tell you that from teammates to ex-teammates to guys from other teams, that have come through here and have dealt with these individuals, it’s overwhelming how many ‘thank you’s’ I got for what I said and what they didn’t have the courage to say or couldn’t say.”

Brooks — whose reporting style has been described as “cantankerous” — has been on the Rangers beat for ages, so this isn’t his first rodeo. There were those infamous showdowns with John Tortorella, his torching of the Wade Redden contract and countless other incidents — so in terms of corroborating Boyle’s story, yeah, there are probably a few players out there with an axe to grind that loved what transpired.

Boyle, though, has some regrets.

He wishes he didn’t blow up in front of the rest of the media — “I would bet every dollar that I own that I have zero problems with 99.9 percent of them,” he said — and suggested his tirade probably should’ve happened behind closed doors.

But when it comes to his intended targets, Boyle has no remorse.

“I do not, for one second, take back what I said to Larry and Brett,” he explained. “I do not take that back for one second.”

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