Boyle curses out Rangers media, asks reporters to leave

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It’s fair to say the Dan Boyle era in New York didn’t go how either the player or the organization had hoped.

As for the end of the Dan Boyle era?

Yeah, that didn’t go so great either.

Per multiple outlets, Boyle — a lightning rod for criticism this season — tore into the assembled media prior to his end-of-year interview on Tuesday.

Boyle, 39, asked that certain reporters leave his scrum before starting, dropping some colorful language along the way.

(If you’re wondering what outlet might’ve been the target of Boyle’s anger, read this or this or this.)

Unsurprisingly, the scribes that Boyle allowed to stick around weren’t too impressed.

From the New York Daily News:

If this is how Dan Boyle is going out, shame on him.

Boyle singled out multiple critical reporters and laced into them, cursing them out and refusing to begin his breakup day interview Tuesday afternoon in Greenburgh until they left the vicinity.

Boyle’s summer 2014 signing was an unmitigated failure. He is likely retiring after a mostly excellent career with the San Jose Sharks that skidded in New York, where coach Alain Vigneault gave him ample opportunity despite subpar play.

This isn’t the first time Boyle’s popped off at the media.

During his final season in San Jose, he took issue with how local beat writers portrayed him after he returned from a lengthy absence due to a concussion.

Here’s what he said:

“What can you say about me? Say whatever you want, you guys do anyway. I read the articles that this [Olympic break] is going to be really good for me, how I’ve been struggling all year, so you guys tell me.

“I’m 37 now, it’s not about individual points and I’ve been telling you guys that for years. Statistically, things weren’t really good last month but oddly enough, I think I’ve played pretty well. You guys are going to disagree because, statistically, it was horrible.”

Boyle sounds like a guy that’s keenly aware of what’s being written about him — so, given how things went in his final year in New York, it’s not surprising this is how things ended.

Boyle, who’s in the last of a two-year, $9 million deal with a $4.5M cap hit, appeared in 74 games this year, scoring 10 goals and 24 points.

He also said he’s leaning towards retirement.