Are the Flyers making a bad choice with ‘Stay Classy’ shirts for Game 6?

via Philadelphia Flyers

The whole wristband-throwing fiasco was odd enough, but the Philadelphia Flyers are acknowledging all the strange Game 3 happenings with a shirt.

Some might call it a “provocative” shirt.

Unless this is some elaborate hoax – CSN Philadelphia ranks among those indicating that this is real – the Flyers are handing out orange t-shirts with Lou Nolan saying “Stay Classy, Philly!”

In case you don’t know, Nolan is the PA guy who admonished Flyers fans for throwing wristbands and thus sticking the team with delay of game penalties.

Here’s the design via the Flyers’ official Twitter account:

Hey … in the event that these shower the ice, at least these shirts look nice and soft.