Blackhawks turn Game 6 on its head with blazing second period

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These are the types of periods that can change a series. These are the moments that remind you that the Chicago Blackhawks are defending Stanley Cup champions for a reason.

Time will tell if the second period bring something the St. Louis Blues likely (if secretly) feared: a Game 7 against the Blackhawks.

Judging from this contest, the third period could feel like a game onto itself, much like the previous two have. That’s especially true with Corey Crawford shaken up by a hard shot late in the middle frame.

The Blues shook off a 1-0 early Blackhawks lead to run up a 3-1 score in the first period, prompting many to wonder if Chicago could dig deep again.

The answer: yes they could, and they did in a big way.

Chicago took advantage of great play from the likes of Andrew Ladd to swing that 3-1 margin to a 4-3 lead heading into the third period, including killing a penalty in the dying minutes.

Interestingly, the Blackhawks have dominated second periods during this series while third periods have frequently gone the Blues’ way.

In other words … definitely stay tuned.