Video: Cam Neely is sick of the Boston media ‘stirring the pot’


Cam Neely is fed up with the way his team is covered by the local media.

The Bruins’ president said so yesterday on the “Felger and Massarotti” show on WBZ-FM in Boston.

And to drive home his point, he dropped an f-bomb.

“First of all, I hate missing playoff hockey, and obviously I bear some responsibility for that,” Neely told co-host Michael Felger.

“I understand that you guys all have a job to do, but the questions sometimes are aggravating because it’s more about stirring the pot than really finding out [expletive] information.”

At which point co-host Tony Massarotti reacted like so:


After a second consecutive playoff miss, Neely conceded that his job would “probably” be on the line in 2016-17. Earlier in the week, he outlined three specific areas where the Bruins’ roster needed to be improved this offseason.

At the same time, Neely wants to build a team that can have “success for a longer window,” meaning he has to balance the desire to fix things in the short term with what’s best for the long-term future of the organization.

And that’s not easy, especially in a market that’s become pretty used to winning titles.

“If things are going well, it’s a little bit more comfortable all the way around,” Neely said. “It’s our job to make sure things are going well, and the last couple of years they haven’t gone well.”