Sutter: ‘The referees missed some calls last night’


The Los Angeles Kings only got two power plays Wednesday night in San Jose.

Darryl Sutter felt they deserved a few more.

“The referees missed some calls last night,” the Kings’ head coach told reporters today. “I know the theme today is ‘San Jose’s power play.’ I’d say the game for me is, ‘How come we didn’t have more?’ We have a good power play, too. There’s missed calls in the third period. When it’s 3-2, there should’ve been some calls, clearly. There’s two hooking, tripping penalties.”

For example…

The Sharks scored three times with their four man advantages last night, opening a 3-0 lead before the Kings could fight back to make it 3-2, which was the final score.

“We might’ve been playing overtime until three this morning if they’d have given us one more,” said Sutter.

Instead, San Jose can eliminate Los Angeles with a victory tomorrow at Staples Center.