Stalberg says he ‘hasn’t heard’ from Letang, who said yesterday that he apologized for high stick


OK, here’s what Kris Letang said yesterday, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

“When he was skating by the bench I said sorry. I didn’t know if I hit him or I hit Dominic (Moore) behind me. I got hit, and I went off balance and I was leaning forward. I just said sorry to the guy.”

And here’s what Viktor Stalberg said today, per the Tribune-Review:

“No, that’s not (true). I haven’t heard from him. Obviously I couldn’t care less if I did or not.”

So, what gives?

Well, it could be that Stalberg thought Letang had said he’d sent a text message. That’s sometimes how apologies are delivered in the NHL, and it’s consistent with the phrase “heard from him.”

Or, it could be that Stalberg didn’t hear Letang’s apology because he was focused on the three teeth he had just lost.

Or, it could be that one of Letang or Stalberg is a big, fat liar with his pants on fire.

You choose who to believe.

You choose what to believe.

All we know for sure is that Letang was neither penalized nor suspended for catching Stalberg with a high stick on Tuesday.

Oh, and we also know that Game 4 goes tonight at MSG, and that the Penguins lead the Rangers, 2-1.

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