Flyers condemn fans who threw bracelets


PHILADELPHIA (AP) The Philadelphia Flyers have condemned the fans who threw promotional bracelets on the ice during a playoff game against the Washington Capitals.

The Flyers also say there were never any plans to issue bracelets again before Game 4 on Wednesday night.

The wristbands were used as part of a pregame lights show. Fans started tossing them onto the ice in the third period as Washington turned the game into a rout, eventually winning 6-1 to take a 3-0 series lead.

Flyers public address announcer Lou Nolan demanded fans “show some class” and warned the Flyers would be hit with a penalty if they kept littering the ice with bracelets and other garbage.

Sure enough, the wristbands kept coming, and the Flyers were whistled for a bench minor for delay of game. Nolan said, “way to go,” and the fans cheered as if they were proud of the penalty.

Team officials say the behavior “cannot be condoned or tolerated.”