Untamed: Wild fight out of early rut to beat Stars in Game 3


The Minnesota Wild could have wallowed in self-pity early in Game 3.

Patrick Sharp scored two quick goals to give the Dallas Stars a 2-0 lead in the first period, leaving many to wonder if the Wild would roll over and fall behind in the series by 3-0.

This Minnesota bunch keeps showing that it is tough to keep down,* especially when the odds go long. The Wild dominated much of Game 3 (scoring four unanswered goals at one point), ultimately flipping a 2-0 deficit to a 5-3 win.

With that, the Stars’ series lead shrinks to 2-1.

Again, this wasn’t out of sheer luck. The Wild limited the Stars to just 17 shots on goal, really dominating the affair after Sharp scored those two goals.

One intriguing development is the possible wake-up call for Jason Pominville. He scored two goals and an assist to end a six-game scoring drought with aplomb. If Minnesota can gain offense from a variety of forwards, this series gets that much more interesting.

Speaking of future contests, it’s more than reasonable to wonder how much the Stars need Tyler Seguin back in the mix … and how close he really is to returning.

Really, it just stacks on top of an array of other questions after Game 3 made this first-round feud a lot more fascinating.

* – The Wild could have come unhinged when a challenged 4-3 goal gave the Stars a shot late in the third.

They stood tall against the Stars instead, and now they’re very much in this series.