Video: After being reviewed twice, Zetterberg’s goal stands


Lengthy reviews seem to have taken over the 2016 Stanley Cup playoffs.

After two crucial calls took forever to review in Game 2 of the Blackhawks-Blues series last Friday, a similar situation occurred in Detroit on Sunday.

Henrik Zetterberg gave the Red Wings a 2-0 lead in the second period, but the officials reviewed the play to see whether or not the Wings forward kicked the puck in.

While the officials were making a decision, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper went to the locker room to see if one of the Red Wings interfered with Lightning goalie Ben Bishop.

After review, the officials decided that there was no distinct kicking motion. Good goal.

But…hold on.

Cooper decided to challenge the goal because he felt his goaltender was interfered with.

In the end, all Cooper did was sacrifice his timeout. The officials decided that there was no interference on the play.

2-0 Red Wings.


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