Video: Henrik Lundqvist shakes off stick to face, allows 1-0 goal


The Pittsburgh Penguins experienced bad luck when it came to the health of their goalies heading into Game 1. The New York Rangers felt a bit of their own in the first period.

On the bright side, it seems like Henrik Lundqvist is OK after Marc Staal‘s errant stick caught his face. He needed a little touch-up on the bench before heading back, which drew boos from fans.

Penguins fans should have been happy about that, though, as the Penguins scored the 1-0 goal soon after that moment.

Does that have anything to do with Lundqvist possibly being thrown off or would it have happened anyway? That’s really just a debate to pass the time, as the two teams entered the first intermission with the Penguins up 1-0 regardless.

Update: Maybe Lundqvist isn’t quite OK, after all. Click here for more.