Habs owner ‘not interested in excuses,’ but committed to ‘stability’ after disappointing season


Montreal Canadiens owner Geoff Molson is “not interested in excuses.” He only wants to find ways to get the Habs back on track, after they “hit a bump in the road” in 2015-16.

“As far as what to expect in the offseason,” Molson wrote on the club’s website, “I will let our hockey operations team, led by Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien, detail these in due time. When you have a disappointing season like the one we just had, no stone can be left unturned in looking for ways to improve. You have my full commitment that we will do everything possible to improve our team.

“This being said, despite subpar results this season, stability in our approach remains the focus. The mark of all good organizations in sports is stability and long-term vision. I remain convinced that we have a strong foundation of core players and veterans, as well as younger players with promising futures.”

The Canadiens, of course, were largely undone this season by the injury to Carey Price. Their problems extended beyond that, yes, but when you go from having the NHL’s best goaltending to having pretty much the opposite, it’s going to show up in the results.

Of note, Molson’s commitment to “stability,” as well as his nod to the Canadiens’ “strong foundation of core players,” would seem to fly in the face of the trade rumors surrounding P.K. Subban.

Today, Subban laughed off the notion that there was a rift between him and captain Max Pacioretty

…while first-line winger Brendan Gallagher spoke glowingly about Subban.

Bergevin, Therrien, and Molson will hold a joint press conference later today.

Updates from the press conference:

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