‘The stink is still there’ – From McDavid to Hall, Oilers discuss grim season


It makes sense that a “postmortem” would be grim, but even by those standards, it seems like a dark cloud was hanging over the Edmonton Oilers on Sunday.

Key players, including Connor McDavid and Taylor Hall, trotted out some pretty glum quotes about the 2015-16 season.

McDavid might be “new” to this, yet it doesn’t exactly sound like he’s really comfortable with the whole cellar-dwelling spiel.

Hall was once a regular source of silver-lining type quotes, or at least “we think this season will be different” proclamations during the summer.

He still might this time around, although it didn’t sound that way with this past season fresh (and smelly, apparently) in his mind.


(You can see Hall’s full comments in the video above this post’s headline.)

Ultimately, all the Oilers can do is try to improve and get healthier, including regularly injured center Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (who may skip the World Championships).

For some players, this probably feels like the same old song and dance. Of course, quite a few of those guys might not be around next time.