Your move, Kings: Ducks beat Avs to keep Pacific title hopes alive


The Anaheim Ducks might spend a night as Winnipeg Jets fans.

They’ll do some scoreboard-watching on Saturday night after defeating the Colorado Avalanche by a score of 5-3.

With this win, the Ducks have 101 standings points on the season and Sunday’s contest against the Washington Capitals to go. It remains to be seen if that will mean anything, however.

That’s because the Los Angeles Kings still hold tiebreaker advantages over Anaheim that would make an additional Ducks victory meaningless … if they can beat the Jets tonight.

Here’s how the two teams currently stand:

Kings: 48-28-5, one game remaining (tonight vs. Jets), 101 points, 46 ROW

Ducks: 45-25-11, one game remaining (Sunday vs. Caps), 101 points, 42 ROW

Hey, for all of the disdain that shootouts and charity points gain, it’s kind of nice that the Kings at least have the potential to be rewarded for getting more “real” wins … right?

(Ducks fans are nodding hard enough to hurt their necks right now.)

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