Remember these mistakes if Flyers fall short of a playoff berth


If tonight’s Red Wings – Bruins and Maple Leafs – Flyers games continue down their current paths, Thursday could stand as a night of serious regret for the Philadelphia Flyers.

It’s bad enough that the Boston Bruins are off to a strong start. As sporadically scrappy as the Toronto Maple Leafs may be, the Flyers could really kick themselves if they fail to erase what is a 3-1 deficit heading into the third period.

It probably stings a little extra that they may also look back at some gaffes on two or more of the Buds’ goals.

Arguably the worst came in the video above, but this tally wasn’t pretty for the Flyers, either:

You can see it in that video, but it’s possible that William Nylander‘s goal might be in part based on a mistake by Claude Giroux … and really all three Leafs goals present issues:

The Flyers still have time to fix things, whether it means storming back tonight or hoping they get the right breaks to close things out.