Panthers clinch Atlantic Division; John Scott says goodbye to the Habs


This is feeling like a pretty special season for the Florida Panthers, and it shows in the standings.

Most importantly, Tuesday ended with the Panthers officially taking the Atlantic Division title thanks to their 4-1 win against the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning’s tough loss to the New York Rangers.

The Cats are looking frisky heading into the playoffs, too, with four straight wins and victories in six of seven games. They generated some serious milestones in the process:

That 2011-12 season was pretty funky, so it’s probably reasonable to argue that this is the Panthers’ best season since John Vanbiesbrouck was standing on his head.

(Aside: the Lightning can take heart in at least seeing their playoff spot clinched, even if they’re cemented behind Florida.)

Plenty of eyes were on the Panthers as they attempted to lock up the Atlantic, but others couldn’t help but survey John Scott’s return to the NHL.

He didn’t really make a big difference in the box score, yet Scott did enjoy a moment or two:

Apparently this is it for Scott and the Canadiens:

Again, though, Tuesday was more about the Panthers and some guy with insane skills and funny tweets.