Season over: Kadri suspended four games for crosschecking Glendening


Nazem Kadri‘s season is over. The Maple Leafs forward has been suspended four games — as many games as Toronto has left in the regular season — for crosschecking Detroit’s Luke Glendening on Saturday.

“This is not a hockey play,” explained Patrick Burke of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety. “This is a player intentionally striking an opponent with his stick in retaliation for an earlier action on the same shift.”

For Kadri, it’s just the latest punishment he’s received. Last week, he was fined for diving three times in the past two months. In February, he was fined for making a throat-slash gesture. Last season, he was suspended four games for a headshot on Edmonton’s Matt Fraser.

Considered a repeat offender under the CBA, Kadri will forfeit $200,000 in salary for cross-checking Glendening.