What’s on the line today: A lot for the Bruins, West spoils for Stars


There are some interesting hockey scenarios to monitor if you can resist the siren call of Wrestlemania and/or opening day for baseball.

One that won’t be listed in “clinching scenarios”

Today’s Boston Bruins – Chicago Blackhawks game is on NBC, and it’s a big one for the Bruins.

As of this moment, the B’s are outside of the East playoff picture, but only by a small margin. Winning today would get them back in the mix, and would also make it easier to catch the Flyers if the Red Wings pull away.

It’s probably easiest to follow it visually, right?

via NHL.com
via NHL.com

So, yeah, this is a huge one for the Bruins.

OK, now let’s check the clinching scenarios

Via the NHL:

  • The Stars could clinch the Central Division title and the top spot in the West with any sort of win against the Anaheim Ducks and if the Blues lose to the Avalanche in regulation.
  • The Panthers will clinch a playoff spot if the Bruins lose in any way.
  • The Wild would clinch their spot if they beat the Jets in any way and if the Avalanche lose to the Blues in regulation.

In other words … a fair bit of scoreboard-watching for fans on Sunday.

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