Video: Enjoy this magical assist by Jack Eichel (Henrik Lundqvist did not)


Whenever hockey fans get tired of making Eichel Tower puns (not judging), perhaps there should also be Jack Eichel nicknames involving the word “magic.”

Maybe even something especially groan-inducing, such as “Ma-Jack?” (Nah, that’s probably going too far.)

Anyway, the Buffalo Sabres’ tremendous rookie sprinkled some serious pixie dust on this one, as he blazed by some New York Rangers before showing outstanding touch and patience in setting what’s already Ryan O'Reilly‘s second goal on Saturday.

Observe it in all of its glory:

While we’re here, enjoy a random nice goal by Jeff Skinner as a bonus for stopping by.

As exciting as the playoffs will be, it’s too bad it will mean no more Skinner and Eichel.

Update: Lundqvist ended up getting pulled from tonight’s game. Yikes.