Crisis coming? Concerns rise for Blackhawks after huge win for Wild


The bigger deal here is that the Minnesota Wild won on Tuesday.

They’re fighting for their playoff lives, and if the St. Louis Blues hold on against the Colorado Avalanche, their odds of making the postseason go up exponentially.

The Wild also generated a remarkable achievement; by beating the Blackhawks 4-1, they swept their five-game season series against Chicago. This gives you an idea of just how rare this accomplishment is:

Pretty impressive, right?

Yet … the loudest noises weren’t coming from celebrating Wild fans. Instead, you could almost hear the hand-wringing from Chicago circles after another tough loss and the murky near-future for Duncan Keith.

People are worried about a wide variety of issues, from the team’s overall viability to more concrete concerns such as the Blackhawks slipping into the wild card (and having to face the Los Angeles Kings in what could be a scary first-round series).

Here’s a sampling of some of the nail-biting reactions:

Not to mention a no-comment:

Then again, the Blackhawks seemed down before and fought back just about every time. We’ll find out soon enough if they shake this off or if we see some rare stumbles from this juggernaut franchise.

And, hey, even a big Keith suspension could have silver linings: