Flyers, Giroux say that he’s fine, feeling good


It was bad enough that the Philadelphia Flyers lost a bruising battle to the Arizona Coyotes last night, especially with that 2-1 decision coming in regulation.

Injuries were added to insults, and some were (justifiably) worried after a boarding hit sidelined Claude Giroux for the rest of that game.

Here’s a look at that moment, in GIF form from Stephanie “My Regular Face.”

Understatement: the Flyers weren’t happy, and responded in kind.

It’s early, and tests might reverse this outlook, but at the moment it sounds like the Flyers might have dodged a bullet with Giroux.

At least, that’s the report from the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sam Carchidi:

Again, that’s far from a guarantee, yet Flyers fans can breath easier, at least for a while. (Of course, there’s the counterpoint about risking rushing him back, but that might be another discussion for another time.)

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Update: Carchidi has more in an update, including that Giroux “feels pretty good.”