Coyotes, Smith stifle Flyers in nasty loss for Philly


“Nasty” seems like a decent way to describe the Arizona Coyotes’ 2-1 win against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Physically speaking, it was very nasty at times, with the Flyers and Coyotes chewing up penalty minutes and polarizing hits. We’ll need to wait and see about the condition of players including Claude Giroux, Shane Doan and Michael Stone.

Mike Smith was “nasty” in a good way, on the other hand, as Philly took nearly all of this game to score a single goal against the returning netminder.

The Flyers carried much of the play, yet they fell to Arizona, and they did so during regulation.

A few of the nastiest moments, in GIF form:

With the Detroit Red Wings falling to the Pittsburgh Penguins earlier on Saturday, this was a golden opportunity for the Flyers to grab crucial standings points.

Instead, the difference is skin-tight as usual between the Flyers and Red Wings, a nasty thought for those who want to watch stress-free hockey.

Also: the Coyotes sure have spoiler potential: