Cardiac quacks? Ducks rally from another big deficit

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The Anaheim Ducks are starting to resemble Jason Voorhees or some other villain from a slasher horror movie: just because they’re down doesn’t mean they will stay down.

Echoing a point from a post a couple days ago, it feels like a metaphor for their entire season, as they went from duds to dangerous as the months went along, even though many gave up on them after a frightening start.

Clinching their playoff berth by salvaging a “charity point” in an eventual overtime loss was enough, yet the theme continued on Saturday with their come-from-behind win against the Ottawa Senators.

At one point, the Ducks’ Twitter feed captured the spirit of frustration as the Senators bulked up a 3-0 lead:

They went into the third period down 3-0, yet they won 4-3 in overtime.

Now, while this makes for a nice narrative, it’s not exactly the norm for the Ducks or any team:

And, yes, you can take some of the starch out of this one merely by pointing to the weakness of Anaheim’s opponents. They probably shouldn’t have needed a standing eight count before engaging with the Maple Leafs and Senators … not if they’re true contenders.

Still, it’s a long season, and this is yet another example of the Ducks refusing to throw in the towel.