Blanking Blues: St. Louis reels off team-record fourth straight shutout


One common Hockey Twitter meme is to write “Our goalie now” and then insert a photo of a brick wall.

In the case of the St. Louis Blues, fans might need to concoct a rotation of such photos, as that joke is increasingly relevant these days.

After Brian Elliott reeled off his third consecutive shutout, he got a breather until Tuesday, but the Blues didn’t miss a beat with Jake Allen in net. He blanked the Washington Capitals to a tune of a 4-0 win, and the two quality goaltenders set a team record tonight.

This victory leaves the Blues in a virtual tie with the Dallas Stars (who won their game on Saturday as well), although Dallas holds tiebreaker advantages.

With the Stars’ injuries and the Chicago Blackhawks’ struggles, you have to think that the Blues have a strong chance to win this battle of attrition and take the Central Division title.

At worst, they have two goalies who are playing at a remarkable level right now.