Yikes, Anton Stralman might be injured after awkward landing


Update: Really bad news … Anton Stralman is out indefinitely. More here.


At this time of year, you can lose big even if you come out on top on the scoreboard.

Injuries always hurt, but they sting exponentially heading into the playoffs, so the Tampa Bay Lightning have to hope that a scary moment for Anton Stralman ultimately ends up being not as bad as it looked.

Video isn’t available of his awkward fall from Friday’s game against the New York Islanders. Still, this GIF captures the moment in it’s cringe-inducing horror:

Yikes. While Stralman looked shaken up by many accounts, there’s no official word on his condition yet.

So stay tuned. In the case of Lightning fans, try not to bite your nails down too deep.

Stralman was unable to return to the game: