Fight Video: Haley makes Nurse answer for breaking Polak’s nose


Hockey players have long memories when it comes to incidents that occur on the ice and the San Jose Sharks are no exception.

Earlier this month, Darnell Nurse dropped the gloves and started throwing punches at San Jose’s Roman Polak. Nurse didn’t give Polak a chance to drop the gloves before he started landing haymakers on him. The Sharks defenseman suffered a broken nose and a bruised eye socket on the play. Nurse was suspended for three games.

On Thursday night, these two teams met for the first time since the incident. The Sharks inserted tough guy Micheal Haley into their lineup (he has six fights in 11 games this season) and the rest was history. As everyone expected, the two of them dropped the gloves (top).

“I said (Thursday morning) that sometimes those things happen, but credit to (Nurse), I think he might have even acknowledged to me before I even got there,” Haley said, per The Mercury News. “So, credit to him. We responded great. Just a tough second.”

FYI, the Oilers won 6-3.