Welcome back Niklas (Kronwall, Backstrom)


It looks like the NHL will get a steep* increase in Niklas(es?) this weekend.

Probably most importantly, the Detroit Red Wings are getting Niklas Kronwall back from a knee injury as they face the Florida Panthers in an important game. There was some back-and-forth about how long he might be out, with some wondering if he’d barely play at all, so getting him in the lineup tonight is a nice bonus for a Red Wings team that needs every point right now.

The other Niklas is a fascinating one: the Calgary Flames are playing Niklas Backstrom in net on Sunday. It will be the former Minnesota Wild goalie’s first start in more than a year.

Maybe it’s a stretch to call this a theme, but either way, the Red Wings in particular have to be happy that they’re getting their Niklas back.

* – OK, just two guys.

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