Spaced out: Red Wings rally from two-goal deficit to beat Panthers


Hopefully Kevin Spacey isn’t a frontrunner like a character in “House of Cards.”

The famous actor was given a strange-yet-warm greeting by the Florida Panthers on Saturday, drawing a record crowd to their building.

Unfortunately, the “Usual Suspects” star* saw the Panthers unravel after generating a 3-1 lead, dropping a 5-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings.

Apparently this is at least a small (but troubling) trend for the Panthers:

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Still, it’s tough to totally dissolve the good feelings of such an unlikely night. As of this moment, the Panthers aren’t just in playoff position; they’re still atop the Atlantic Division. (Late games for the Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning will influence the size of that buffer.)

* – PHT resisted the urge to sarcastically list some weird/bad Spacey flicks, but feel free to cherry pick from his IMDB page if you’re bored.