House of Cats? Kevin Spacey takes in Panthers game, ‘Spacey in Space’


You can say a lot of things about the Florida Panthers, Kevin Spacey and “Spacey in Space,” but you cannot claim that they’re ignoring this weird little meme.

Saturday marks the culmination of that strange fixation between the NHL team and the beloved actor, with Spacey on hand to breathe in the oddness of it all.

The Panthers went the extra mile in promoting “Spacey in Space” by handing out Spacey masks.

It’s … well, weird.

Here’s video of him being shown at the game:

Remember, the “House of Cards” star did little to hide his trip:

Beyond the whole “hockey game with playoff implications” thing, it wasn’t the only noteworthy presentation, as Jaromir Jagr got some attention as well:

Certainly seems like an especially great night to soak in a Panthers game.

Update: Unfortunately, despite a record crowd, the Panthers fell to the Red Wings by a score of 5-3.

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