Bruins will wear green St. Patrick’s Day jersey during pregame warm up

Boston Bruins on Twitter

The Boston Bruins will be wearing green St. Patrick’s Day jerseys during their pregame warm up on Saturday afternoon.

You may be asking yourself why they’d celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today if it’s actually next week, but the answer is simple. This is their final home game before the big day.

The green jerseys are a hit with some, but they’re far from unanimous.


Green jerseys aside, Saturday’s game against the Islanders is a huge one for the Bruins. As mentioned above, this is their final home game before they ship out for a four-game road trip that will take them to San Jose, Anaheim, Los Angeles and New York.

The Bruins are currently in first place in the Atlantic Division. They have a one-point lead over the Panthers, but Florida has two games in hand.