Video: Devils’ Tootoo lands several punches on Penguins’ Sestito (update)

Associated Press

Jordin Tootoo and Tom Sestito are known for their ability to disrupt the opposition. It would be a surprise to no one if they had an altercation or two during Sunday’s tilt between the Devils and Penguins and that’s exactly what happened.

Tootoo wanted to drop the gloves with Sestito, but he didn’t bother waiting for his opponent to get ready.

As you can tell from the video above, Tootoo was expecting Sestito to drop the gloves after their initial collision. Instead, the puck ends up near Sestito and he decides to play it instead of getting into a fight with Tootoo. That didn’t stop the Devils forward from landing a few shots on the Penguins forward.

Both players got two minutes for roughing, but Tootoo got an additional two minutes for instigating the whole thing. Pittsburgh scored on the ensuing power play.

After the game, Tootoo was asked about the incident. It’s safe to say he’s not a fan of Sestito.