Video: Controversial Beagle goal stands after lengthy review and coach’s challenge


Cue the final Jeopardy! theme music on repeat.

A situation that included a video review and a coach’s challenge on the same goal during Friday’s game between the Washington Capitals and visiting New York Rangers certainly called for it.

During a wild scramble in front of the Rangers net, Jay Beagle thought he scored for the Capitals, getting them on the board, even though it was never clear from the live shot whether the puck crossed the goal line or not, with Antti Raanta sprawled in the crease, along the goal line.

The play went to video review.

From the NHL Situation Room Blog after the initial review:

At 10:58 of the second period in the Rangers/Capitals game, video review determined that the puck completely crossed the New York goal line. Good goal Washington.

That prompted Rangers coach Alain Vigneault to use his coach’s challenge on the basis of goalie interference.

Here’s the official explanation from the NHL on that challenge:

At 10:58 of the second period in the Rangers/Capitals game, New York requested a Coach’s Challenge to review whether a Washington player interfered with New York goaltender Antti Raanta prior to Jay Beagle’s goal.

After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Referee confirmed no goaltender interference infractions occurred before the puck crossed the goal line.

Therefore the original call stands – good goal Washington Capitals.

So after all that, not only did the Rangers concede a goal but they also lost their timeout.